Woman Uses Yoga To Teach Positive Body Image


A yoga enthusiast named Valerie has almost 90,000 Instagram followers and she is on a mission. Her hope is to change how people view body image, and to instill confidence in people of all shapes and sizes so they can follow their dreams and achieve anything they want to.  Her poses are impressive and she wants to help others see that size doesn’t have to effect ability and strength.




Her website is called Big Gal Yoga and it’s gaining lots of attention.  Valerie started practicing yoga four years ago and is now encouraging others to use and strengthen their bodies regardless of their size.  Her goal is to study Yoga arts in Sedona, AZ so she can become a professional teacher herself.




Her site contains a beginner-friendly guide to Yoga, as well as a list of fitness-gear brands that include products for all shapes and sizes.





Visit her Instagram page for more inspiring poses, where she encourages conversation from supporters and naysayers!


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