Woman Receives Flowers From Deceased Husband on Valentine’s Day


This Valentine’s Day, Shelly Golay from Montana received flowers from what she thought were her children, but when she contacted the florist, she found out the beautiful truth.  The flowers were sent to her by her deceased husband.

One year ago, Jim Golay was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and new he had limited time to take care of his affairs.  He contacted the local flower shop where he arranged to have flowers delivered to his wife every Valentine’s Day for the rest of her life.  It was his final gift of love.  He passed away in July.

Shelly told KCWY news, “It was true love and you just don’t find that very often, you know,” she said. “The fairy tale romance, the knight in shining armor, you just don’t find that. And even though we didn’t get the fairy tale ending, it was amazing.”



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