Why I Won’t Be Boycotting Target


Over 400,000 Americans have now signed a petition calling for a boycott of Target after the corporation publicly announced it’s “inclusive” bathroom policy for customers and employees. It’s a controversial topic with heated emotions on both sides of the argument. Target has chosen to allow any of their customers or employees to use whatever bathroom corresponds with their gender identity.




Americans are still divided on the issue, some claiming that that these new policies allow sexual predators easy access to their victims, since they can now enter any bathroom of their choosing.  Others claiming that it’s really no one’s business, and someone that identifies as female and is living their life as a female should have the right to use the women’s bathroom (and vice versa).

As a mother of three children; 2 teenage daughters and a 9-year-old son, I have thought long and hard about this topic. Their safety is always my number one priority and concern.  I also consider myself moderately conservative in my values, but I am not particularly worried or concerned over this “inclusive policy”, and I have many reasons why.

First, my children and I have used many, many public bathrooms over the years.  Probably hundreds. Never once in all those times of using public restrooms have I ever seen a stranger’s vagina or penis.  For all I know, we very well could have been sharing a bathroom space with someone who was transgender, but since they don’t typically walk around with signs stating “I’m transgender”, we had no idea.  My guess is we will continue to have no idea in the future.  And honestly, I don’t care what is in your underwear.  There are privacy stalls for a reason, and 99% of the time they work pretty well… minus the time my 3-year-old son unlocked and pushed open the stall and yelled “ta-da!!” while I was mid-stream on the toilet. I’m pretty sure the old lady washing her hands barely even noticed…

In fact, most public bathrooms I’ve been in are pretty busy. People are coming and going, having polite conversations, shuffling bags and children around.  Washing their hands and minding their own business! It’s the last place I really ever feel “unsafe”.

I understand that the real fear for parents are sexual predators.  Many are thinking now that bathrooms are becoming more “inclusive”, it’s a free ticket for predators. I have a really good solution for that.  Don’t let your children go the bathroom by themselves. I implemented this rule a long time ago! Way before all of this drama. My 9-year-old son still comes in the women’s restroom with me when we’re out, because sending him to the men’s restroom with other men, is definitely no more safer than coming to the restroom with me even if we are sharing the same breathing space with a transgender person! There are male and female predators, in all shapes and sizes, straight, gay, and every nationality. When I was 9-years-old, I had a man in my neighborhood expose himself to me in broad daylight through his open window.  He knew exactly what he was doing. They will prey anywhere and at anytime they have the opportunity to, and it’s more than likely not going to be in the restroom at Target…

I understand the discomfort and uncertainty about these new policies for some, I really do. Never would I disqualify another parent’s concern for their children.  However, boycotting Target (or any other store that I love) is not the answer.  Transgender people have been using bathrooms they feel most comfortable using for decades! With or without a policy allowing them to. We just never knew about it! The only thing that has changed is the mass onslaught of social media. Now we’re aware of almost of incident in every corner of the world that has access to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  Dare I say we are over-exposed to the world around us. That is the real predator here. I choose to focus on my family and their safety by being present in their lives, and not worry what anyone three stalls down from us is doing…

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