What is Clean Eating?


I finally have all my kids back in school and healed up from the chicken pox. It was a long week and a half but they did not have it too bad and I got lots of snuggle times out of it. Back to the grind.

A couple weeks ago I explained to you why I eat clean and this week I am going to give you a condensed list of what clean eating entails. Remember clean eating is really the lifestyle of eating balanced meals with no processed foods. It is perfect for your whole family.

1. Eat five to six meals a day. Now this does not mean you should eat 5 large meals a day, it means three balanced meals with a morning and afternoon snack. If you need to an evening snack as well, that is fine. Yes, in a way, I am giving you permission to graze all day.

2.Eat lots of fruits and veggies and lean meats – nothing processed! If the ingredients have words you can’t pronounce or if there is more than about 5 ingredients, DON’T EAT IT!

3. Shop from the perimeter of the grocery store, mostly. That means the majority of your food should come from the frozen section or produce section. When someone told me to shop from the perimeter it was like a light bulb went on because that is where the freshest, cleanest foods are located, so simple.

4. Stay away from white sugar and white flour and instead use honey or pure maple syrup to sweeten your foods and whole wheat flour and grains.

The basic idea of Clean Eating is really very simple. If you want more help with this or have any questions be sure to visit my facebook page. Until next week ladies (and gentlemen) EAT CLEAN!

Sarah is a mother of three children and a wife to a farmer. Make sure to check out her Facebook page, Farm Girl Fitness, for more healthy information and HA-larious personal posts.

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