What Happens When Mom Is Sick?


What happens when you are sick? Not just a minor cold or headache, but when you are suffering severely from a stomach virus or the flu? As a sometimes single Mom (husband is currently deployed), with no local relatives, I began thinking about what I’d do if I was so sick I couldn’t do my normal duties as a mother. Here are a few tips to help you weather a day or two of sickness.

  • Stock up on necessities: gatorade, tylenol, soup, jell-o, frozen dinners. You will want to have all of this on hand, so you aren’t trying to navigate a busy store, sick, with kids.
  • Let yourself take a break. Your body will need sleep and rest in order to get well. The whole world won’t fall apart if you let the kids watch more TV than normal or you leave the dirty dishes in the sink. If you have to sleep while the kids are in school, it is ok.
  • Call for back up. If you have family in the area, don’t feel bad about calling for help. If you don’t have family, see if a friend can take your little ones for a few hours.
Preparation is key, otherwise you may be scrambling and sick. What are your ideas for getting through a sickness, alone?


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