What Happened to Steve from Blues Clues?


If you have teenagers or you babysat in the mid to late nineties than you know who Steve is. In fact, you know him well and you know all of his songs.  Steve Burns was only 21-years-old when he auditioned for Blue’s Clues in 1995.

For six years he was Blue’s best friend who taught our kids about getting the mail and talking to kitchen condiments.  Then he was gone. There were kids (and maybe a few parents) who were heartbroken about Steve leaving the show. They had a special to introduce the new guy, what was his name and does it really matter? Oh how the rumor mill went crazy: Steve had an overdose, Steve died in a car accident, Steve went crazy and disappeared from the mainstream.

Guess what, Steve lives! He’s an Indie rocker in Brooklyn, New York.  He Tweets and Instagrams! He mostly tweets about Walmart and obviously loves dogs. Why did he leave Blues Clues? He was losing his hair. So there you go, your good news for the day that should make you want to wag your tail. Steve is alive and still as awesome as when he was taking care of Blue.




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