What Did She Say? Decoding Teen Slang


Sometimes it is like pulling teeth to get my son to tell me about his day. “What did you do today?” – me, genuinely interested in his day. “Nothing.” – him, actually believing he did nothing, all day.





Then he gets on his phone, with his friends, and he can’t stop talking about his bae and how the teacher was tweakin’ because nobody had their homework.  It’s like an entirely new language!

Here are a few of the newest slang words found in your teens texts and Instagram feeds.

Which ones do you know? Which ones do you use?

On Fleek — Awesome, the best ever, looking good

Bae — Before All Else; Best friend in the whole universe

Throwing Shade — Talking trash

Deuces — Goodbye, See you later

No Chill — Not acting in a rational matter, acting crazy

Ratchet — messed up, stinky, ugly, gross

Ship — Relationship they want to happen

Tweakin’ — Freaking out, overreacting

Stank Face — Look on your face when you are extremely upset

Go Beast Mode — Flip out, lose control

Basic — People who like mainstream music and current pop culture

Check out The Online Slang Dictionary if some of your kid’s words just don’t make sense to you.



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