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I LOVE to have parties, but the ideas in my head never match the way it actually turns out! Some Denver moms came up with a great business idea that does it all for you! What a fantastic idea!

As reported by Denver Post:
A Denver-based company is ready to help with the myriad details, from stemware to napkins, recipes to games. A handful of Denver women dreamed up.

TheEntertainingShoppe.com as a one-stop online destination to aid party givers, whether they’re just looking for inspiration or want to buy everything in one place.

The site also carries a lot of ideas free for the plucking. Launched a month ago, it features ideas for a dozen parties from children’s birthdays to a wedding and reception. Its founders plan to add a party each month.
Eliza Prall, a marketing whiz who has worked for years locally in event, retail, real estate and brand promotion, said the goal of the site is to “marry content and product.” She said that she and her team come up with ideas and goods for the type of parties they like to give, actually throw the party and then photograph it so visitors to the website can see what it looks like and get ideas.

“Everything in the picture is for sale,” she said.

“People get frustrated because they’ll see things in a magazine like Martha Stewart Living and think that, without a lot of research or creative ability, they won’t be able to do something like that,” says Prall. Visitors to websites and blogs like onecharmingparty.com and asubtlerevelry.com run into the same problem.
Prall says she enjoys filling her house with friends and family for parties, so the new site was a natural offshoot.
“This feels like we are doing what we love and packaging the fun,” she said. “It’s a service, and we think it’s helpful so that people can pick and choose a few of the things they’ll need for a party, or all of it. The idea is for it to look more custom and hand-done without the hassle.”

The business makes about 100 of the products, sources many others and also carries basic items like drink dispensers that can be used over and over again.

Kerri Cole, a former retailer who is one of the partners in TheEntertainingShoppe.com, designs many of the handcrafted items the site offers. She describes herself as a “big Pinterest fan” who loves playing with color, texture and patterns.

Read the full story HERE.

Would you use this service? What other business ideas do you have?


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