US Taekwondo Center Mom – Christy


My name is Christy Clark. I am a busy mom of two energetic little boys ages 5 and 6. I’m always looking for ways to entertain these boys and channel all of this energy that they have! Late last summer they were getting very restless, with soccer camps over with and school yet to begin. We decided to check out the U.S. Taekwondo Center and see what it was all about. I love exposing them to new things and keeping them busy so we went to a trial lesson. WOW! They blew me away and captured my kiddos interest immediately. Although I had no intention of participating in this endeavor, they offered to let me try this Taekwondo thing out for myself. I had no idea how fun martial arts training could be. Not only did my boys get a new and exciting extra curricular activity, but mommy did too! So here we are, future black belts, all three of us. The most rewarding part of the entire process is seeing my boys learning about the importance of respect and kindness. The community we’ve become a part of through Taekwondo is filled with supportive, encouraging people from the instructors to the other moms and dads. I would recommend U.S. Taekwondo Center to any family that welcomes an opportunity to get fit, teach their children respect and kindness, and to connect and bond with their children in a totally unique way.

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