Upcycle Socks: New uses for Single Socks


Do you find yourself left with lonely socks after the laundry is finished? Here are a few tips to give your socks a new purpose.

  1. Use them as dust rags: Slip your hand in a sock, spray with furniture polish, and clean away!
  2. Make a homemade ball or hacky sack: Kids are always looking for balls to play with. Fill a sock partially full with beans, beads, or rice and sew into the shape of a ball.
  3. Make puppets: Use felt, google eyes, permanent markers, and more to turn a sock into a funy puppet.
  4. Make a cat toy: fill with cat nip and sew the end together. You’ll have a happy kitty.
  5. Make a Rice Sock: Fill a medium sock with rice. You can also add flax seed to keep the heat in longer. Sew the end up or use a piece of yarn or string to close off the end. Put it in the microwave for about one minute to warm it up. Use it to ease aches and pains.


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