Unwrapping New Toys on YouTube Makes Woman Rich


Think of the excitement kids (and parents) feel watching someone open up a new present on Christmas morning, or at a birthday party!  Well, now you don’t have to wait thanks to YouTube! My son loves to watch YouTube videos of people playing video games, toy reviews, and there is one other channel he finds fascinating – DC Toys Collector.  What exactly does she do that’s so fascinating?  She video tapes herself unwrapping brand new toys.  She opens them up, describes what’s inside and shows you how amazingly fun they can be.  (Which explains why my son wants every toy under the sun!)

If you’ve never watched these videos before, the concept might sound strange, but apparently it’s rather addicting because according to People Magazine, she has racked up more than 3.5 million subscribers since 2011, topped Tubefilter’s most-watched channel chart and she has earned over $400,000 from ads in the past 30 days!

It’s a new trend that doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon either. These “unboxing” videos have jumped 57% in 2014 says YouTube rep Zayna Aston.  Many YouTubers have jumped on the bandwagon making a living unwrapping toys. How long would it take to watch all of these videos?  Seven years!!  That’s a lot of toys…


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