Tweens & Phones: Can They Live Without Them?

Tweens & Phones: Can They Live Without Them?

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By now it seems that most kids between the ages of 10 and 16 have phones.  Surprisingly the number of tweens with phones is growing.  When tweens were asked if they could live without their phones their answers did surprise me. It seems that giving a kid a phone is like opening Pandora’s box.  Now that they’ve had a phone, how will they live without one?

I totally understand what they are saying. I can relate to a lot of their issues like being bored while riding in a car or getting in touch with someone. The most interesting thing is that these kids do everything, EVERYTHING, on their phones. They watch YouTube, listen to music, play games, connect with people, and so much more. One kid asked, “How would I have a social life?” You know what, that is OK! That is the way it is in this day and age.

Bless their hearts, they don’t want to admit it, but they couldn’t live without their phones. How about you?