Traveling? You Can Now Rent Children’s Gear at DIA


If you have family coming into town this holiday season, you might want to give them a head’s up on a new service that is now being offered at DIA.  The business is called Vea Kids.  They are based inside Denver International Airport and they rent out heavy children’s gear like strollers, car seats and playpens.




This means you can leave the heavy stuff at home (along with the extra baggage fees) and just rent what you need for your kids when you get into Denver!  If you’ve ever traveled with kids, you know it’s hard enough to navigate them through a busy airport without having to also worry about all their gear!  This new service lessens the stress of having to lug around more than you need.

Vea Kids is currently located near the train exits inside the Grand Hall. Come January, representatives will be available at kiosks in the baggage claim area waiting to help travelers with their gear order. The service works like renting a car – you just book what you need online, and pick it up at the airport when you get there!

Prices vary from $5 – $15 per day depending on what piece of equipment you’re renting. Vea Kids strives to keep their equipment, durable, light-weight and clean.

Find out more about this new business at


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