Top Used Cars that Will Get Your Child Through the College Years


In college, having a car is a godsend. With tuition hikes and college students becoming more financially savvy, New York Times’ Ann Carrns, says more college students are living at home and commuting to work and school. Whether your child is staying at home and going to school or moving to the dorms, a car is a necessity. Shifting a college students’ reasons for having a car has informed the auto industry greatly; fuel-efficient cars that will stand the test of time is of great importance to a large population of car buyers, says

This is especially true when your goal over the next four years will be to arm your child with the tools needed to land a great job in a career that will help them pay off debt. listed the top 10 most affordable, fuel-efficient, high-performance used cars a few months ago and after giving those a test drive. Some cars are better for your student, being reliable, fuel efficient and affordable.

2013 Chevy Spark

Our first favorite isn’t a used car, but its price point is definitely low enough to be a favorite seller among you and your college student. With an MSRP of $12,995, parents who want to save money can with this fuel efficient 1.2-liter four-cylinder engine and enjoy all of the features that are included in this high-performance, compact four-seater car. According to Freeway Chevrolet, the four-seat Spark comes standard with four doors for easy entry.

2010 Ford Focus SEL

This fuel-efficient four-door received high ratings in safety and has features like heated leather seats, power remote locks and trunk release. For an extremely affordable price starting at $10,000, the Ford Focus SEL has a fantastic sync system which allows hands free calling with any mobile phone. This sleek car has a 2-liter gas engine that will get your student 26 to 36 mpg.

2005 Honda Civic

If you’re looking for an even lower price point with a fair rating, the Honda Civic four-door is a good standby that has done well in its safety and performance rating, while starting out at the incredible low price of $4,000. You certainly can’t beat a low price like that, and this cute little fuel efficient car will save you money too, getting you 28 to 36 miles to the gallon of gas is the sweetest deal of all.

Getting an affordable used car might not assure you that your child will make the dean’s list, and it might not even get them a date for homecoming, but it sure will alleviate the stresses that come with getting further into debt. Before you think about taking out more loans that you and your student will have a rough time paying back, consider one of these three affordable, fuel-efficient cars out for a spin.


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