I just wrapped up my 2nd week of boot camp at D1 Sports Training. Don’t let the sports training fool you, I am not there because I’m an athlete, I’m not ( see my previous post here for proof). I’m here because I need to get in shape ( again, refer to post 1 for proof).

Have you ever worked out so hard you were certain you had to have lost a few pounds in that single work out? I have had a few of those days lately where I rushed home and was certain that the crazy workout had shaved off at least 1 or 2. This is not the case, BUT not to fear. What I’m learning at D1 and with my clothing is that it isn’t about pounds. It’s about inches.

Ladies, LISTEN! I’ve finished week 2 and I’m in the middle of week 3  and my clothes are fitting better! I’m firming up and I’m sore in places I didn’t even know existed. That has to be a good thing! The best part of this journey is I feel better. I feel strong and I’m proud that I’ve stepped outside of the box. In this case, I’ve jumped outside of the box. You will know what I mean when you try out D1.

What You Can Expect From a Class at D1

The biggest challenge of a D1 boot camp class is showing up for the first class. I was so scared and thought I would look like a fool. WRONG! There are people with various skill levels which includes mine ( wine drinking, cheese loving mom).

The class goes at a great pace. You do a fun warm up and then you are given a circuit of 5 or 6 exercises to do for 4 or 5 sets. It totally caters to my ADD because it’s always something different. See that picture? That’s me on the far right. I don’t look like I’m dying or anything! Yeah me. You will sweat, you will burn on average 450 calories per workout. That is awesome!! I wear a Fitbit and I burn between 410-457 per workout.

Once you start the boot camp, you will gain a little weight but lose inches.  YOU WANT THIS TO HAPPEN. This means you are converting fat to muscle. Muscle weighs more ladies. Once you have converted to muscle, WEIGHT LOSS! Don’t forget, THE MORE MUSCLE YOU HAVE, THE MORE CALORIES YOU BURN. I’m in the middle of week three, and it’s starting to happen!

I’m barreling through week 3 and I’m loving it. A side note, the trainers are easy on the eyes, incredibly helpful and I’ve made some new friends. I’ve also joined a professional soccer league, JUST KIDDING. I’m still in the wine drinking, cheese loving mom group thank you very much!

D1 is launching a MOM’S BOOTCAMP next week. It’s starting APRIL 3 at 9:30 am. This is a great opportunity to meet moms and be ready for tank tops and sundresses by Summer!

D1 is hooking MY719MOMS BIG TIME. If you follow the link below you can get the 4-week boot camp for FREE! Slots are filling up fast, though, so give it a try. I PROMISE you will love it! STAY TUNED FOR MY WEEK 3 REVIEW, I’M GOING TO TAKE THE PLUNGE AND POST PROGRESS PICTURES.