Trans Teen New Face of Clean & Clear


Jazz Jennings is a 14-year-old transgender teen who is showing “the real her” in a big way.  She is a new face of Clean & Clear’s “See the Real me” campaign.  She’s going to have an 11-part reality series on TLC. She was named one of Time magazine’s 25 most influential teens in 2014. She’s helped write a children’s book about being transgender.

She was assigned male at birth, but at an early age identified as a female. When she was five, she wanted to wear a rainbow colored swimsuit and her mother said that was the beginning of Jazz’s transformation. Her mother said it wasn’t easy: “At first we were so scared to bring our story forward but with the way Jazz was, she had such a positive message to give other children and she was happy because we allowed her to transition.” Jazz and her family came out on 20/20 and Jeanette Jennings says: “It was the best thing we’ve ever done.”


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