The Tooth Monster Doll is What Nightmares are Made of


I am all about being super sentimental when it comes to kids’ milestones, ok?  Like, I kept locks of my children’s hair in their baby books, and their Kindergarten artwork, and the outfits they wore home from the hospital are safely tucked away.  But THIS.  This is crossing the border with a one-way ticket into Crazyland. May I (with hesitation) introduce you to “The Tooth Monster doll”.  Proceed with caution.



These special dolls have been making their way around social media as of late, and they’re like tiny little train wrecks.  I don’t want to look, but I can’t stop staring.  But I know if I stare too long they will steal my soul while I am sleeping…

The idea is that you keep all of your children’s teeth and then sew or glue them into the mouth of this plush creation with creepy human looking eyeballs, and gift it to them.





This is how one Pinterest Pin described them: “Tooth Monster doll– You just take your little one’s baby teeth and sew or glue them into a monster doll’s mouth. Now your child can cuddle with a plush toy made from his or her own discarded body parts! FUN!”

And by fun, we mean terrifying?!

Here’s what other bloggers are saying about the darling creation…

From “The first question that likely comes to mind as you take in such a heinous creation is, “Why?!” followed closely by, “Seriously, WHY?” and then recoiling physically as you imagine this unholy being watching you sleep. Licking its teeth. Waiting. Oh dear God, save me.”


“Why does it look so pained?

Why does it have a kitten’s nose and crazy frog’s eyes?

Why do they yell ‘Help me, I was not intended for this world’?

Do you think a kitten actually lost its nose to bring this monster into being?

Would you honestly let this thing near your child?”

If you love these little guys, I won’t judge you, I promise. However, just remember, if you have ever had a fear of toys coming to life when you’re sleeping, you may want to stay far far away.  As for me, I will stick to keeping my kids teeth in an envelope somewhere, and hope they forget about them.

What are your thoughts about The Tooth Monster doll?  Yay or nay?



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