The Pizza Joint That Inspires One Slice at a Time


Mason Wartman had a successful career on Wall Street, and gave it all up for a pizza dream.  He was inspired by all of the dollar pizza places in New York City, and craved a simpler life.  He quit his desk job and opened up his own pizza joint called Rosa’s Fresh Pizza in Philadelphia, PA.

Soon after, one of his friends gave him an inspirational idea and his small restaurant has been changing lives one slice at a time.

Rosa’s Pizza encourages patrons to donate $1 towards a slice of pizza for the homeless and needy.  When they make the donation, they write a note on a sticky note and stick it to a wall in Rosa’s.  When someone in need comes in they are welcome to take one of the notes and redeem it for a free slice of pizza.

Wartman says they have given out more than 10,000 slices of pizza so far.  Watch the inspiring video to see how it’s changing lives.




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