The Hilarious New Trend Called the “Cheerio Challenge”


Typically when a baby falls asleep, we do everything we can to keep them sleeping…but not Patrick Quinn, founder of Life of Dad! He recently started a brave trend called the Cheerio challenge that includes stacking Cheerios on his baby’s head, and now it’s trending on social media all over the world! That’s right, dads everywhere are seeing how many Cheerios they can stack on their baby’s faces too… and the pictures are pretty hilarious!




It’s like a tiny baby version of Jenga! Only the terrifying consequence of the “blocks” (or Cheerios) falling over is the potential of waking up your baby! Yikes!




You can see many other brave parents taking on the challenge by searching #CheerioChallenge on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. They will definitely bring a smile to your face! Are you up for the challenge? 


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