Teen Records Teacher Allegedly Stealing Money from Students’ Backpacks


A student in a California high school was able to catch a theif in action. She said that students had money and other items stolen from their lockers and backpacks and wanted to know who was stealing from them. Justine Betti took things into her own hands. She hid in a locker and set up another camera. After all the other students left, the teacher came in and began going through backpacks.

Justine and the other students said the teacher was one of their favorites and they couldn’t believe that she’d do something like that. She took the video to the principal who told Justine to delete the video and that it would be taken care of. However, she’d already sent the video to her father. The teacher has been put on administrative leave.

There are cameras everywhere, shouldn’t this deter people from crimes like this?


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