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We’re less than a week into Summer Break and I have already heard the words “I’m bored” spill from my kids’ mouths! Typically they are pretty good about entertaining themselves, but with a 16, 14 and 9 year old at home, their interests vary so much that it’s hard to find activities they will all love. I’ve discovered that fun science experiments can bring people of all ages together, and I love that they’re learning something in the process.  Here is a list of 10 fun science experiments to help keep kids busy (and moms happy) this summer!




1. Make waterproof sand

Gather sand (colored is more fun) and spread it on a lined baking sheet. Spray Scotchgard over it liberally until completely covered. Then pour the mixture into a clear container filled with water and watch all the cool formations you can make! Get the full tutorial HERE.




2. Make a Diet Coke/Mentos geyser

You’ll definitely want to take this one outside, but kids will love it!  Who doesn’t love a dramatic (but safe) explosion?! Adult supervision is required for younger kids. Basically an explosive reaction occurs when you drop Mentos candies into Diet Coke and everyone will ooh and aww as it shoots upwards! Get the full tutorial HERE.



3. Make Rainbow celery

Kids can learn the process of transpiration by place celery stalks into water dyed with food coloring. It’s pretty fun to watch the leaves turn different colors by the next day! Get the full tutorial HERE.




4. Make an outdoor volcano

Teaches kids the fun reaction that is made when you mix baking soda and vinegar! Just add baking soda to an empty soda bottle, bury it in a dirt/sand pile with the top exposed, and then add vinegar for an explosive surprise! Get the full tutorial HERE.




5. Fill up balloons with gas created from soda and Pop Rocks

This is a super fun experiment that also requires adult supervision. All you need is some soda, Pop Rocks and balloons! Watch the balloons expand as they fill up with gas created from the soda/Pop Rocks reaction! Get the full tutorial HERE.



6. Make indoor rain clouds 

Make it rain inside with this fun experiment using shaving cream water and blue food coloring.  Get the full tutorial HERE.





7. Create “Ice Art”

Make beautiful pieces of ice art by freezing bowls of water overnight and then adding salt and food coloring to them the next day. The salt will create holes, nicks and crannies and the dye will highlight the new formations! Get the full tutorial HERE.




8. Make a Sun Dial

Learn about time, the position of the sun and shadows by creating an easy sun dial with rocks and a pencil! Get the full tutorial HERE.



9. Bake snacks in a solar oven

All you need is some foil, and black construction paper! Teach your kids how to cook food with the heat of the sun! Get the full tutorial HERE.




10. Make homemade magnetic slime

All you need is some glue, Borax and iron filings to make your very own magnetic slime! Get the full tutorial HERE.


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No School! The fun only lasts so long and then there are the 265 variations of “I’m Bored!” from the kids. We’ve got a few ideas to help you keep your sanity and keep the kids from dying of boredom. What would you add to our Snow Day Survival Kit?






Movie Day

Mom, don’t worry, if there is any day to let your kids bingewatch shows and movies, it is a snow day. Check out our list below. Maybe you have a movie in mind and want to see where it is available. Check out Can I Steam It? to see if your favorite show or movie is available on any streaming service or DVD.

Top 10 Kid’s Movies on Netflix for Snow Days

  1. Snow Buddies
  2. Cool Runnings
  3. Zathura
  4. Earth to Echo
  5. Hoodwinked
  6. Thomas & Friends: Merry Winter Wish
  7. Bob the Builder: Snowed Under
  8. Penguins of Madagascar: The Movie
  9. Christmas With the Kranks
  10. Get Santa

Boredom Busters

Make homemade flubber, snow paint, or build a fort! Check out our Boredom Buster Board on Pinterest for more great ideas. One of my favorites is activities to do with LEGO blocks. Build a city, build your dream home, or create a LEGO room.


Hot Chocolate Recipes

If there is ever a day for hot chocolate, it is a snow day. Check out Pinterest for 1,347,697 variations on hot chocolate. Of course, you can always just buy chocolate milk, warm it up, and throw in a few marshmallows or whipped cream.  It’s a snow day, there is no judgement.


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If your family is like mine, you have lots of random crayons laying around the house…under couches, in closets and under beds!  Have the kids gather them up and create one of a kind galaxy art canvases they can hang in their rooms or give as gifts!  They look “out of this world”!

Materials needed:

Black canvas, foam board or sturdy paper (You can cut the paper into desired sizes)


hot glue gun

blow dryer




Line up crayons in the order you desire, and then hot glue them in to place on your surface.  Grab a blow dryer and start blowing!  The kids will love watching the crayons melt, and you can manipulate the flow by moving the direction of air and turning your canvas from side to side.



If you want art without the crayons attached, just place your desired paper on top of a board with crayons, and you can peel it off when you’re done!




Add white speckles of paint when the wax is dry to create a “star” effect!  These would be super fun to make a collage with, and a cool edition to any kids bedroom!