Swipe Right for a New Mom Friend – There’s an App for That!


Meeting other moms can be difficult, especially when you move to a new place or your kids get older.  Have you ever had that moment when you meet another mom and you guys just click? Maybe your kids are the same age or you live in the same area, whatever it is, it makes you excited that you’ve found a friend.  One mom has created an app to help you out.



When Jillian Darlington divorced her husband she says it was the network of moms who helped her. When they started moving away, she felt like she was starting over.  She and her partner, Beth Bryan, created an app for moms called MomCo.

What is MomCo?

MomCo helps connect moms with other moms in their community based on proximity and commonalities for all the friendship and support they need. Moms can interact by messaging each other and through the forum section. In the forum section, moms can share pictures, funny moments, ask questions, and get the support they need. Through the MomCo App, moms are able to arrange playdates, keep current with events in their community, be alerted of product recalls, and save money through exclusive deals.

Moms can also locate all the local business and service providers in their area that cater to women and children. These businesses can list themselves so all the moms in their area can easily locate and connect with them. Businesses can also gain exposure by announcing events and running deals on the app.

The MomCo App is truly the one-stop-shop app for moms. It is free to download and is available on iPhone and Android.

She created MomCo after using Tinder. She told the Today Show: “I downloaded Tinder and saw the geo location factor and I thought, ‘Moms need this more than dating people do.’ We’ve always known making friends as an adult is harder.”

Would you use an app to find mom friends? 



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