Speaking Up to People Who Publicly Spank Their Kids


We’ve all seen the mom smacking her child on the leg in the store. He could be upset because he didn’t get a toy. Maybe he is crying because he is just super tired and a grocery store is the last place he wants to be.  Either way, spanking a child in public is a controversial topic.

Mom, Samantha Ettus, encourages other people to “Join Me in Judging.” After she witnessed a mom spanking her child, she decided to speak out. “I did what I always do when I see someone hitting a child, I approached her. “That is no way to treat a human being.” I exclaimed, my heart beating so fast as I ached for the child. “Mind your own business” she replied and kept whacking.”

What should she say in response? Her husband helped her and it was only one line: “Children are everyone’s business.” That’s it, bottom line.

Maybe you spank and have no problem with it, but you can’t deny that an angry person smacking their child in public is not right. People who spank acknowledge that it isn’t an angry response or done while a parent is upset.  Many people who spank say they only do it to quickly get the child’s attention.

For instance, if a child starts to run into a parking lot the mother will quickly grab the child up. Some moms would smack the child on the behind and the idea is that a child won’t soon forget the consequences of running into a street. If it wasn’t a mother grabbing them up, it could be a car running over them.

Those parents who don’t agree with spanking will most definitely have a more difficult time seeing parents spank a child in public.  It is one of those controversies that probably won’t end any time soon.  Here is the question for you moms out there:

If you are for spanking, do you do it in public? How would you react if someone said something to you?

If you are against spanking, do you speak out when you see public spanking? How do you justify intervening? 


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