Speak Well To Yourself!


Self depreciation, it’s something women are very fond of doing. We struggle with inadequacies and we voice the thoughts aloud. “I’m too fat “or “I’m too lazy” or, “I just can’t seem to say no to food.” It’s a cyclical process. The thoughts are often times generated after we’ve binged on cookies or skipped our exercise. We start to think these thoughts that we are sure everyone else is thinking of us. And rather than stopping the thoughts in their tracks, we begin to voice them aloud, as if to validate the feelings. It starts to hinder our progress for a healthier life.

We share these thoughts with our friends, husbands, and family. We wait for the reassuring responses to come back from them. “You’re not fat” or “You’re just busy”, or “You need to give in to treats every now and then.” Why is so easy to allow these self-depreciating thoughts to be voiced, but we never allow the positive statements to be heard? “I am strong” or “I am smart”, or “I am taking steps toward fitness.” These positive thoughts have just as much power to push you towards your goals. Whatever the mind expects, it finds. There is a stronger, more confident woman in you who is not afraid to speak highly of you. Why not allow her to speak up more often? You will find assurance from within that gives you the boost to achieve your personal goals, whatever they may be.


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