Snapchat Snafu Leads to Arrest Warrant for High Schooler


Students are increasingly feeling unsafe at school.  High schools are constantly being threatened via messages in the bathroom or social media posts.  Students are humiliated on social media and in the lunch room. It seems like high school is a tough place to be for kids.  As parents, we want to do our best for them and one mom is doing much more than talking to the principal.





A South Georgia mom has applied for an arrest warrant after her son was photographed using the bathroom. According to the police report, the student victim, Chance Roberts “looked up and saw a white phone recording him while he was on the toilet.” and “when he exited the stall, he noticed a group of students looking at the white phone and laughing.”

His mother, Misty Adkins, says, “He feels violated. He feels like he doesn’t know who he can trust…It frustrates me because he doesn’t feel safe at school.” The video was sent to other students via Snapchat. The school has worked to change Roberts’ schedule so he is not in the classroom with the student who took the video.  There is a court date set for October.

This is a difficult position for students and parents.  Unfortunately, if the mother hadn’t applied for the arrest warrant and spoken with the school, the perpetrator’s parents would never have known about the incident.  In cases like this it is necessary for both sets of parents to be involved.  I realize that by high school parents have less control over their children.  However, they do have influence and many are paying for their children’s lifestyles.

These parents need to step up and teach their son that acting like this is not acceptable.  Recording someone on the toilet is never a good idea.  Just because there are some sick people who actually think it is funny does not make it right.  This type of bathroom humor should be flushed down the drain.



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