Skip Daily Bath Time, Scientists Say It is OK


Do you struggle with daily bath time? I’m not sure what happened over the last couple of years, but my kids went from loving a good bath to hating bath time.  They are 9 and 12, so I’m sure that has something to do with it. However, they are on the right track with fewer showers a week. Sound crazy, check out the facts.




A chemical engineer from Boston, David Whitlock, has not taken a shower for 12 years. He found that humans don’t need to shower in order to be healthy.  He said that people who shower every day remove good bacteria from their skin.  In fact, the bacteria that causes body odor can be kept in check by the good bacteria you wash off during showers.

He actually came up with a bacterial spray, AO+ Mist, sold by the company AoBiome under the brand Mother Dirt. The company and Whitlock believe the spray could reduce, if not eliminate the need for soap or deodorant and might even eliminate showers!

The good bacterium is called Nitrosomonas genus.  It breaks down ammonia and produces nitric oxide and nitrite which then becomes an antibacterial substance.  This bacterium is found on almost every organism.  Whitlock found that humans were continually washing this good bacteria off their skin and that is what caused the bad bacteria, that causes body odor and other stink, to persist on our bodies.

On top of this exciting news, there are many people who don’t shampoo their hair more than once a week or even once a month. They find their hair retains natural oils and over time is healthier and looks better.

In light of these scientific findings, I’m going to let my boys skip a shower every so often.  They still have to wear their deodorant and wash their face until I can get my hands on some AO+ Mist.



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