Should Young Girl Be Charged For Stealing $4 Million Dollars Worth of Diamonds?


According to the South China Morning Post, authorities are looking for a robbery gang of three adults and a teenage girl thought to be 12 – 14 years old. The girl almost single handedly robbed an upscale jewelry store and got away with a $4 million dollar diamond necklace.

Apparently the well dressed adults came in to the store distracting clerks with what they said would be a large purchase. While they were busy, the girl managed to sneak the key from a drawer, open a case and slip a 100 karat gold necklace with 30 diamonds in to a bag and quietly walked out of the mall to a getaway taxi. The adults stayed in the store for another half hour.

Store clerks didn’t notice the missing necklace until later in the day and notified the police. Security cameras caught the girl leaving the mall.

Do you think this girl should be charged, or do you think because of her age the adults are solely responsible for this crime?


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