School prohibits Airman from going to Prom


Schools always seem to be in the news for controversy these days and a school in Kansas is the latest one.

As reported by Fox News:

A Kansas school district is standing by its decision not to allow a member of the Air Force to escort his sister to the prom because he was too old.

The incident has stirred controversy in the city of Liberal after teenager Courtney Widener wrote an essay to the local newspaper voicing her extreme displeasure at the rule that kept her 22-year-old brother from escorting her to last weekend’s prom.

Courtney Widener had been getting ready for prom she learned that her brother was coming home for the weekend from a deployment to Afghanistan.

She knew that Casey was too old to attend the prom, but she was hoping he would be able to escort her down the “red carpet” – a popular local prom tradition that is broadcast on a local television station.

Both the school’s principal and the district superintendent turned down her request – fearing it would “open the door for others” to bend the rules.

So on prom night, Courtney’s brother, dressed in his Air Force uniform, escorted his sister to the edge of the red carpet. Video of the moment showed him standing at attention as she walked through a crowd of people. He gave her a crisp salute when she entered the school.

“The rules simply have to be enforced consistently for everyone – and to the best of human ability they are enforced,” the principal wrote.

Read the full story HERE.

What do you think the school should have done?


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