Rules of the “Play”Ground


Do you remember what playgrounds were like when we were kids? Everything was made of steel, on top of a concrete base, monkey bars, jungle gyms and teeter totters. I was checking out my son’s school playground yesterday and I didn’t realize how much things have changed. Soft, rubber padding is under everything, rounded edges and no see-saws! We use to spend hours at the playground down the street, with no parental supervision. Now, I’m not so sure I’d let my kids head off down the street on their own.

Even when I am watching my boys at a playground there is always a mom yelling at her kids to stop screaming, be careful and stop running around. I was a little surprised to hear “stop running around,” they are on the playground. Kids need to run around, they need to yell, they need to get out the crazies so they sleep better and act better! I read this blog yesterday, “When Did It Become a Crime to Play at a Playground.” I wanted to give her a big high-five and arrange for a playdate. She wrote, “I often get the look from mom’s and caregivers. Some even comment, “Boy, he’s loud.” My answer is usually, “Yup… he is. Better here than at home.” Then they don’t want to talk to me anymore.”

I get it! Why would you limit your kids when they could have so much fun? I don’t put up with hitting, pushing or throwing things. I just want my kids to have fun and get out their energy. If they get hurt, it happens. Most of the time, though, they are fine and have had a great time.

What do you think of overprotective parents? What about those parents who try to limit their kids in an effort to keep them from getting hurt?


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