Remember to Stay Active this Holiday Season!


Today is BLACK FRIDAY so I doubt any of you lovely ladies will be reading my blog today (maybe you can catch up later in the week). I don’t know about you but I will be out shopping tell I drop. And as far as I am concerned BLACK FRIDAY shopping is exercise. I do plenty of running, squats and lifting.

I hope you enjoyed an amazing Thanksgiving yesterday and I am sure you ate plenty, I know I did. Well ladies don’t worry it was only one meal or maybe two if you ate through lunch into dinner time. The great thing is today is a new day, let by gones be by gones. I am sure your month of December is like mine, CRAZY!!! We have so much going on at school, church and home. If might be hard to fit your scheduled trips to the gym or your DVD’s in at home. IT IS OK!!! This is my one month I just try to stay active. I forgive myself for not getting my workout done in a day or eating a few holiday cookies. You just need to

get creative with your activities. My husband and I and all three kids are running in an Ugly Sweater 5K the first weekend in December. I thought this would be a fun way to get my whole family doing something active during a cold month and have a BLAST doing it! My older two kids and myself are running the 5K and my youngest and my husband are doing the 1 mile walk. And yes we have already been shopping for our very ugly Christmas sweaters. My kids have even been asking to run just to prepare for it. There are a lot of other races in December you can do as a family or make your own. I love getting my kids involved! A good friend of mine is sponsoring a virtual 5K on January 11th to help people Commit to Be Fit in 2014. You can run it anywhere and just report your time. Check it out at There are other activities other than running you can do. As a family we love to turn on the classic country and two step or country swing all over the house. Little activities like this at least get you off the couch and even burn some calories. If you only get one or two workouts/activities done in a week you are just fine. Something else I am doing in the month of December is scooping out what workout I am going to start after the holidays are over. I always do a little research and really get acquainted with the workout before I really start it. After the holidays everyone starts in with such vigor and motivation you will shed those few holiday pounds you put on in no time at all. Just enjoy the holidays, enjoy your family and try to fit in some wonderful activities as a family that will make lasting memories.

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