Ready to dive into coupons? Quick tips to get you started


Feeling the post-holiday money crunch? Now might be the time to try coupons again. Here are a few ways to get your feet wet.

*Use an accordion organizer it’s easy to use and get started with. Assign simple sections, a spot for recipes, receipts or multiple store lists. You can keep your fliers in there as well.

*If you’re not ready for a big one, a small (checkbook size) accordion organizer may not be as intimidating. You can also use photo boxes or 4×6 albums if you have that around the house.

*Complicated binders are for the pros (think Extreme Couponers!) if you’re just getting started it’s too intimidating. If you want to do that down the road when you have your system down—go for it!

Coupon Organization
*To clip or not to clip? There are several ways to do this you need to find the one that’s best for you. Either save the entire section from the newspaper and write the date on the front with a sharpie or go ahead and clip by category. It’s trial and error!

*Decide what sections you’ll need in the order of the store you go to most. Don’t worry you can always adjust!

*Remember it will take time to get a system down. Don’t give up after one shopping trip

*Keep your receipts so you can add up your savings over time and see if it’s worth it. If you’re saving less than 10% and you’re investing a lot of time-it may not be worth it.

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