Putting on the Little Black Dress – 5 Tips to Get Ready


So, you have a goal of getting into that cute little black dress for your family holiday festivities, do you? It seems as busy moms we tend to put ourselves last when it comes to our health and fitness goals. But in reality we NEED to put our goals up front because a happy healthy mom equals a happy healthy household!

Setting our goals and sticking to them sounds easy until we get started and something comes up in our busy crazy lives.

Here is a simple list of 5 things you can do to get started and stick with your goals. Come holiday time you will want to be in front of that camera instead of behind it!

  1. Write specific goals. Make these exact. If you want to lose fat, how much exactly. If you want to be able to run a marathon, how far. When specifying your goals make sure to write them down somewhere that you will see them everyday.
  2. Set a time frame to meet your goals. It has been proven that habits are formed after 12 weeks. Set an exact date of when you want your goals accomplished. Put a countdown widget on your phone, highlight the date on your calendar in your kitchen, get the date tattooed to your forehead…ok well maybe you don’t need to be that extreme, but you get my drift ;). I know it is not easy to change your eating habits and to try to fit in time for yourself to exercise everyday, but trust me, after you make this a habit, you won’t know how you lived any other way!
  3. Schedule YOUR time! I tell my clients all the time to put it in their calendar when they will be working out or taking time to prep their healthy foods for the week. This is so important. Making an appointment with yourself is just as important as the appointment you set for your children to see the doctor for their yearly checkups. It has to happen!
  4. Hire a trainer. Now, I know this is not something everyone can do! But there are so many FREE (yes I said FREE) resources out there to help you get started! One of my favorite ones is Jamie Eason’s Live Fit Trainer. Another one of my all time favorites is Body for Life by Bill Phillips. These programs outline exactly what to eat and do for 12 weeks! If you need more accountability then maybe hiring in a person or online trainer is what you need. You can find online trainers for as little as $50 a month that will personalize a meal plan and workout plan for you. I have noticed that most of my clients like the one on one attention, the help getting past cravings, and getting past the emotional aspect of poor eating habits. Do what is right for you and your budget!
  5. Make this a family event! Incorporate fun healthy exercises with your hubby and kids. Get them involved with your new lifestyle. They are your best supporters! I did this when I was transforming myself and losing weight. My kids would always look at me when I grabbed a cookie and say, “mom, is that on your healthy eating plan?”. So, the kids and I had fun playing with healthy recipes so mom could have her cookie and lose weight too! Doing family 5K’s is a great way to get the entire family involved in your new healthy lifestyle too! With Halloween coming up these “Freaky 5K” Family events are fun and are a great way to set a goal within a goal where everyone is involved!



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