Pregnant Mom Tries To Induce Labor By Dancing to “Thriller”


If you’ve been 40 weeks pregnant, you understand the “urgency” of wanting to meet your baby ASAP!  Most moms will do almost anything to induce labor at this point, including long walks, getting on hands and knees to clean floors and drinking castor oil.

Florida mom, Bonnie Northsea took a different approach.  Someone told her that to induce a baby you should dance to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” (of course, duh!)  So that’s exactly what she did, while capturing the entire show on video.

Baby boy Northsea was due on Feb. 11th, and as of Sunday he still hasn’t made his appearance.  Although the dancing didn’t seem to help him jump out and dance with her, the video sure is fun to watch.  I for one am super impressed at her moves!!


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