Photo of Teacher Goes Viral


One teacher’s actions have gone viral after he was caught doing something many teacher’s don’t usually do in the middle of class!




A student at Jerusalem’s Hebrew University wasn’t able to find a sitter and had brought her child to class with her.  When the child became fussy, she got up to leave, but Professor Sydney Engelberg came to the rescue.  He offered to soothe the child himself, and held him as he continued to teach the class.

Professor Engelberg’s daughter Sarit Fishbaine posted the photos to Facebook and it’s now been liked and shared by thousands.

“This is a professor who truly cares about the education of his students,” one person commented on the photo.

Engelberg has been teaching for 45 years, and is a grandfather of five. He not only allows students to bring their babies to class, but he permits them to breastfeed if necessary as well, Fishbaine told BuzzFeed News.





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