Perfect Cookies for President’s Day!


President’s Day, AKA George Washington’s birthday is a great day to teach our children the history of our country’s earliest leaders.  These cookies are super easy and fun to make, and they are adorable to boot! Take the time to make them with your kids while teaching them some fun facts about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, since he also celebrated his birthday in February!




What you’ll need:

Vanilla wafers

Chocolate and vanilla frosting (homemade or in a store bought tube is fine)

chocolate chips

mini white marshmallows

black edible marker

hershey’s bars for Lincoln’s hat



Take vanilla wafers and draw faces on them with edible marker. Attach other features like chocolate chips and marshmallows with frosting applied with a toothpick. George’s hair is made of mini marshmallows cut into pieces and rolled. His collar is a mini marshmallow flattened and snipped, then finished with a mini chocolate chip. Abe’s top hat consists of trimmed sections of a chocolate bar, while his beard is formed from mini chocolate chips.

(idea originally published in February 2014 issue of FamilyFun, photograph by Alexandra Grablewski)



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