Pass This Out Instead of Candy for Halloween


Everybody passes out candy. Some people go all out and make up little goody bags. Others just grab a bag of mints in the checkout line and that is what kids are stuck with.  Whatever was on sale usually ends up in your child’s bag multiple times.  Instead of more candy, that you are probably going to end up eating anyway, try these alternatives.  Kids will definitely hit your house first next year. An added bonus, kids with food allergies will be happy to get something they don’t have to worry about eating and their parents will be just as thankful.


Check out our ideas below and share your ideas with us in the comment section.

  1. Small Drinks – We always pass out the Halloween styled Capri-Suns. The kids absolutely love them. They get thirsty walking up and down the street begging for candy.  Usually, we have repeat  customers because they finish off the first one and want a second.  You could also hand out the small water bottles or any other disposable drink.  capri sun orange halloween
  2. Stickers or Temporary tattoos – All kids love stickers and fake tattoos, even the big kids.  You can buy any kind of stickers at the dollar store and they usually come in large packs. Just buy a few packs, cut them up into smaller size sheets, and you’ve got a great treat.  You can pick any theme from the latest Disney movie to Fall to super heroes.  SBC_tk-sk1320
  3. Glow Sticks – These are super fun and super inexpensive at the dollar store.  The best part is that kids will probably use them while trick or treating.  6inch_lg
  4. Bouncy Balls or other small toys – Kids love little novelty toys and they’ll play with them until they lose them or the dog eats them.  These are another option you can get from the dollar store.bouncy-balls
  5. Silly Straws – Straws are lots of fun and the kids will love drinking their Halloween punch with them.  Check out the dollar store for a deal or grab a multi pack from Target or Walmart. 16449_large


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