Parents Write Incredibly Demanding Invitation For Son’s First Birthday


Your child’s first birthday is exciting and fun, and certainly one to celebrate with family and friends.  Some parents go a little overboard with the festivities (please refer to Pinterest), and others go ridiculously overboard…like the mom and dad in this story.

Redditor razz32 posted an image of an email sent from the parents of a 1-year-old to their family. The email lays out a list of ‘approved’ gifts, gifts they would like to have, and gifts that would not be appreciated for their son on his birthday.  They also write detailed instructions about receipts and what gifts are strictly banned.  Read the letter below:


Wow!  I am not sure how I would respond to an email like this.  The child is ONE!  He won’t even remember this day, nor could he care less about what toys he does/doesn’t get.

What are your thoughts?  Are these parents crazy, or is this acceptable?  How would you react if you received an email like this??


  1. Absolutely shameful! These people are going to create an entitled little monster if they continue down this path

  2. My kids have plenty of toys so I ask for canned goods to be donated to the food bank. ( they get gifts from family members). Its about celebrating with family and friends not the gifts.

  3. I would be giving this child nothing. If you can’t accept gifts from family that they think the child would benefit from, then you shouldn’t be getting gifts. I would probably not go to the party unless this isa child close to my heart. A card, from the .49 cent rack, would be given if I did go. A personal message to the child.

    • Daen. Which would you rather have? Bring a card or bring a toy that the child already has three of… a toy that I’m just going to chuck in the trash the second time I step on it because they already have a pile of them.

      I’m a father of three with grandparents and mother who relentlessly buy them everything they want and more, and there’s nothing I can do about it. THEN COMES THE PARTIES. I keep stressing to people not to bring gift, just themselves. But society has conditioned everyone that it’s rude to not bring a gift so they are all guilted into buying and bringing one…. and your attitude is to shame the parents for requesting people get what they say they need instead of what you think will win you ego points with the other guest.

      • Seriously??? The people I know bring gifts because they care, NOT because they are “guilted” by society. I look for gifts that I believe the child will enjoy.

  4. It sounds like the first born (overprotective, always worried about messing up). When we celebrate my boys’ birthdays and parents ask what they want, I always suggest art supplies or books.
    Maybe the parents are both very happy being overly controlling and the immediate family just goes with it?
    I’d be exhausted if I was like that 🙂

    • Or perhaps the grandparents buy everything in the world already for the kids and are tired of being the ones who have to warehouse more toys and things than their child could ever play with. They even said “We have enough books”. FIFTY SEVEN(57) BOOKS is PLENTY for one child. Are the parents controlling because they ask “Please, no more”?

      • Orrrrr perhaps they should consider just holding a get together for their one year old child and request no gifts.

        • Exactly. If you are so set with gifts that you have future toys and such in storage, take it easy on the family and tell them their presence is present enough. Buy those specific gifts yourself and IF someone asks you for a gift idea, then share a link or two (or refer them to an Amazon wish list.)
          I know my Mom always chose a few items for my kids–things which were personalized or handmade or homemade and put them away for upcoming occasions. I can’t imagine not having such thoughtful memories of my mother for my kids.
          Also, she knew I am a minimalist and don’t like to have gobs of junk and toys for my kids, so she ASKED what the kids could use.
          Very different than this insane demand for specific items. Who DOES that?! Over controlling much?

  5. I fed my first child formula after she turned one because she was lactose intolerant (it was a toddler formula, and it didn’t cost me $80 a week). I breast-fed her as long as I could (which wasn’t very long, sadly) and switched to a soy formula. But, this letter is ridiculous. I would purposely get the kid something not on the approved list, or get the kid clothes. Then probably email the parents with “Are you kidding me?”

  6. I agree, why is a 1 yr old still on formula?
    These parents…. bwahahahaha I would show up with noise making toys that have NO volume control, wrapped but out of the original boxes and definitely no receipts.
    He is one and they have already managed to take the fun out of birthdays. Getting unnecessary gifts is part of being a parent.

  7. I wonder what a child of ONE is still doing on formula and why it sounds like they plan on keeping him on it for a while. It sounds like the parents are spoiled themselves and out of touch with reality. That poor kid is going to grow up being as ridiculous as they are.


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