Our Fitness Mom Gets Real…Real Itchy!


WOW, I have had a CRAZY Mommy week!!!! After a busy weekend of ballgames, church and a fun Bronco football party at the grandparents we started back to school on Tuesday. We go to a small school in eastern Colorado that only has school Tuesday – Friday, no Monday school. My kids had stayed all night Monday night at my in-laws because my husband and I had a night out. My daughter came to my office first thing Tuesday morning and showed me a little bump on the back of her neck that itched, I just figured it was a little bite and sent her to class. During morning recess she came back to my office and showed me her chest that was covered in red spots. After becoming Dr. Mom and looking at different rashes on the internet I came to the conclusion it was chicken pox. I hurried her to the doctor where he confirmed it. Before I hardly got down the road from the doctor’s office my phone rang with my older daughter on the line informing me she was covered with spots. I had the school grab my son as well and I headed back to the school to get them. My three children who had all been immunized for the chicken pox all have it. Needless to say my mom position this week had a few extra jobs added to it including nurse and home school teacher. I know this has nothing to do with my fitness page but it has A LOT to do with life as a mom. Even when I have the best laid plans and goals for the week God can still take my week in a whole new direction. So I promise next week I will explain more to you about clean eating which was my plan for this blog this week.

Hope you all have a great weekend and GO BRONCOS!!!

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