Not a Perfect Parent? You’re Doing it Right.


Have you ever let your kids fall asleep in their clothes?  Forget to sign their homework? Send them to school with a t-shirt from the dirty laundry pile (hey, it smelled ok).  We all mess up as parents from time to time, and some days we are just in survival mode.  I’ve been a parent for 16 years, and the older I get, the more I realize – it’s OK to fail sometimes!  Our kids don’t live in a perfect world, and for goodness sakes, we don’t need to be perfect parents to raise good children.

Commercials, magazines and websites like Pinterest are really good at making us feel like failures as we are bombarded with perfect images of perfectly dressed kids, and perfectly dressed moms, throwing perfect parties in their perfectly decorated homes!  We all know these ideals are unrealistic.  Finally one company is screaming reality with a new campaign.

Baby food company Plum Organics says, “If it feels like parenting isn’t always perfect, you’re doing it right.”

“The truth is that 99 percent of what parents are experiencing in their everyday lives is not reflected in the media, ads or their social media communications,” says Plum Organics co-founder and CEO Neil Grimmer. “We believe that there’s too much pressure on parents to be perfect.”

The company is encouraging parents to be real, and to share their real life experiences on social media with the hashtag #ParentingUnfiltered.  Their website also shares real life parenting fails and tips like serving breakfast for dinner on busy nights, and using diaper wipes to wash your baby to put off bath time until the next day.  Watch the video below to feel better about your day!

So. refreshing. Let’s talk about it!  What are some of your most REAL parenting fails?



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