Nightmare at the Salon


Have you ever had a salon mishap? Going to a new salon can be a little nerve wracking, because you never know what kind of service you will receive.

One trip to the salon turned scary this past week when a woman, Ashley King went to a Glendale, AZ salon to have her eyebrows waxed.

She tells 3TV news in Phoenix, “Never have I felt the fire-burning pain that I felt that day. I couldn’t stop crying it hurt so badly.”

Apparently when they pulled off the cloth from her eyes, the technician also pulled off two layers of her skin. She immediately went to the doctor to be treated after her eyelids started to bleed.

The salon initially refused a refund or to comment on air, and denied any fault in the beginning. They now say they are sorry if it was their fault (though they still don’t think it was) and that the technician who performed the waxing has since quit.

King has reported the salon to the Better Business Bureau and is seeking damages for her medical bills.

Do you have a salon horror story to share? How do you insure the salon you visit is safe?


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