Mother Still Breastfeeding Six-Year-Old Says She Knows Best


An Australian mother says she knows what she is doing and has no problem breastfeeding her six-year-old daughter.  Maha Al Musa says she has raised three healthy, well-adjusted, and intelligent children. However, some people don’t quite agree with her.




The 52-year-old mom doesn’t think this is an attack on breastfeeding, but an attack on women. “This isn’t about breastfeeding children. This is about attack and disrespect of the feminine.” She has posted much of her experience on her Facebook page and that is where she said most of the attacks come from.

Her is one of the worst:

“unbelievable how you could just breastfeed a 6 year old girl I think you are sick in the head you need to see a therapist when kids in school find out that that girl is sucking on her moms boob she’s going to be criticized harassed bullied and you don’t even think about things consequences or actions like that you just don’t care all you care about is yourselfyou need help. I think you are a sick individual and I hope one day you will realize that you have hurt your child for the long termbecause she will most definitely have mental and emotional problems from thisso good job Mother of the Year which you are not!”

She did say that she may decide to only breastfeed her daughter at night after she turns seven.

What do you think about breastfeeding a six-year-old? Should this mom have stopped long before her daughter was this old?



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