Mother of Cyberbullied Toddler Speaks Up


Our children are our pride and joy, and more often than not we like to share our life celebrations with friends and family online.  Unfortunately, for one family their joy turned in to a nightmare when the online community lashed out.

Two-year-old Mariah Anderson has had a difficult life, and is still fighting a daily battle.  She was born with a rare condition called Chromosome Two Duplication Syndrome that impairs her learning and motor skills,  Her mother Kyra Pringle recently posted a photo of her daughter to celebrate her 2nd birthday, but instead of the internet celebrating with her, she began receiving nasty comments and people making fun of her precious daughter’s appearance.

Kyra is now speaking out.

“The smile that you guys think is funny or the smile that you guys are comparing to a leprechaun,” said Kyra Pringle, “the things you guys are saying about my child, she’s not a monster, she’s real.”

“If you’re out there and you’re doing these things, and you think that it’s funny, it’s not funny,” said Linda Pringle, Mariah’s grandmother, “This is actually a human being, this is a child, this is a baby.”

The family knows that this negative attention will eventually pass, and all they want to focus on is what a joy Mariah is in their lives right now.  Her life expectancy is short, and they know their time with her is precious.  Hopefully the good in people will outshine the negative, and this family can feel our support and love!

Happy Birthday, Mariah!  You are beautiful!!



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