Mom Slams on Brakes To Stop Kid’s Fighting, Charged With Abuse


If you have more than one child, you’ve been there.  Your kids are stuck in the car, they get bored and they begin to bicker.  It’s not always easy to stop them, but one Florida mom may have gone a little too far in her mission to stop the chaos.

Lorena Simpson was driving with her arguing children when she made a spur of the moment decision that may have changed her life forever.  She slammed on the brakes to try to shock her children into ending the fight.  Unfortunately, her 12 -year-old daughter who was sitting in the front seat was not wearing a seatbelt and slammed head first into the windshield.  The impact shattered the glass.

According to the mom, her daughter was “fine” because she had no bump on her head.  Three days later, the police showed up to do an investigation and she was arrested on felony child abuse charges. The children are now in their father’s custody.

The daughter claimed she did complain to her mom about dizziness and a headache but was ignored.

“I didn’t (do it) on purpose or intentionally harm my daughter, you understand,” Simpson said. “If she ever once complained to me and said, ‘hey mom I think I have a headache,’ (but) she didn’t. I’m heartbroken. My kids are gone.”

Sounds like someone isn’t telling the truth. Do you think this mom’s arrest was fair?


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