Mom Potty Trains Toddlers at a Restaurant: Would You Have Said Something?


Potty-training is one of the most trying times in a mom’s life. It was really difficult to teach two boys that using a toilet is a much better idea than using a diaper. It was always difficult to go out with them during potty-training. If they said they needed to use the bathroom, it meant they had to go to the bathroom RIGHT THEN. We tended to stay close to home during this time in our boys’ lives.

However, one mom decided she’d take the potty training out with her to dinner. Mom, Kimberly Decker, went out to dinner and saw the most incredible sight. She said a mom stripped her kids down, in a restaurant, and put them on portable potty chairs put on top of chairs, like booster seats.

“They were sitting on what I thought were booster seats,” Decker said. “She had to undo the jumpsuits and take them all the way down,” she said. “They were completely nude with the jumpsuits down to their ankles, eating their chicken nuggets, sitting on little toddler potties.”

Decker took a photo of the inconsiderate behavior. The waiters at the restaurant said they had no idea what was going on, although they did receive complaints and admit it could have violated health codes. Of course it violated health codes.

See the video and photo of this incident below.

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Picture from Kimberly Decker’s Facebook Page


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