Mom Gave Birth On the Same Day She Found Out She Was Pregnant


A 38-year old Australian woman found out she was pregnant and then gave birth the same day. Kim Walsh went to her doctor complaining of stomach cramps. She has a history of polycystic ovary syndrome. This is a hormonal condition that causes high levels of insulin or male hormones known as ‘androgens.’ These high levels cause a range of symptoms such as obesity, irregular or no periods, acne, excess hair growth, risk of diabetes and infertility. Early in her marriage she was told she would never have children.

Once her cramps became worse, she decided to visit the doctor. As she left her appointment, her husband asked her, “How did you go?” She told him, “You’re going to be a father…today!” She gave birth to baby Shelby later that afternoon.

The doctor said it was a good thing she followed her instincts and went to the doctor. When she arrived at the hospital the baby was in extreme fetal distress and had the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck.

While Kim is thankful she was pregnant and her child was healthy, she wishes she had known she was pregnant. “Think of all the things I have missed out on. I don’t have an ultrasound picture of my baby. I don’t have stories to be able to tell her or advice to give her when she has a baby of her own.”

She said they were not prepared to have a baby, but friends and family came through with more than enough. “We walked in the door without so much as a nappy. But everything we needed – and more – has since arrived through the goodwill of others.”


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