Mom Freaks Out After Learning Day Care Gave Her Son Another Mom’s Breast Milk


Many working moms pump their breast milk and save it so that their babies can be fed at day care. One day care accidentally mixed up breast milk and fed one baby boy with milk that didn’t belong to his mother.

The offended mother took to Reddit to vent her frustrations admitting that she went into hysterics when the daycare told her.

She posted, “Daycare gave my son someone else’s breast milk … I realize he will most likely be fine, but I know nothing about this other woman and her health or habits. People do things that aren’t in the best interest of their children, addictions are common in our area. I would totally let him have milk from a person I know and trust, but the fact that it was a stranger gives me the heebee jeebs. I also agree that if it were my milk that was given to someone else I would be upset. it’s hard work pumping enough for the day!”

Apparently many diseases can be passed through breast milk including TB, Hepatitis, Lyme and HIV.  There is also the danger of not knowing what prescription drugs (if any) the other mother is on.

The thread produced more than 150 comments from other moms, mostly who agreed with her that it was “gross” and scary. Other moms didn’t know what the big deal was seeing as mothers have used wet nurses throughout time to nurse their children.

“Ever hear of a wet nurse? Honestly, it’s less dangerous than a kid consuming a handful of dirt, pool water, cat litter, or any of the other disgusting things our children can and often will put in their mouths,” Print Error, one of the other moms commented on Reddit.

The daycare worker apologized profusely and felt it was an innocent mistake.

How would you have reacted?  Do you think this mom is overreacting?




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