Mom Does Her Kid’s Homework & Says It’s OK


This mom told everyone that she does her daughter’s homework for her and she doesn’t feel bad about it! She says her daughter is too tired after a long day and busy schedule, to do her own homework. The mom makes it sounds like she is so frustrated with her daughter that she’d rather do the work than help her daughter with the work.

I think we’ve all “helped” out a lot when it comes to some projects. My 2nd grader had to do a diorama on the Pilgrims and I helped with the hard stuff. He squirted glue, told me where to put things and wrote the paragraph explaining what was in his scene. I’ve helped him work through a math problem, but I always require him to do the work and explain how he came to the answer.

We are cheating our kids when we do the work for them, in any area. If we don’t require them to clean their room or take their dishes to the sink, we are not teaching them how to be clean people. If parents do everything for their children, how can we expect them to do it when they are teenagers and adults?

I think any parent who does even half of their kid’s homework is wrong. What do you think? Is it ok for parents to do their kid’s homework? How much “help” is too much “help?” Do you do your kid’s homework?


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