Mom Accidentally Mixes Vodka Into Her Infants Formula


Most of us are thinking, “How on earth can you accidentally mix alcohol into your baby’s formula”?!! But that’s exactly what happened this past week in Wisconsin when a young mother was preparing formula for her one-month-old infant.






She poured 2 ounces of what she assumed was water into the bottle, not knowing that her husband had recently dumped the water from the water bottle and refilled it with Vodka to take to a friend’s house. Shortly after the feeding, the alcohol quickly made its way through the baby girl’s body and she became unresponsive. The parents quickly realized what had happened and rushed her to a Milwaukee hospital where doctors discovered the infant had a blood alcohol level of 0.29 percent. To put these levels in to perspective,  an average adult will pass out at 0.3 percent and die at 0.4 percent, Lieutenant Brad Hetlet, a police spokesman, told USA Today.

Amazingly, the tiny girl is expected to make a full recovery, and went home after a couple days in the hospital. Neither parent is expected to be charged, and we’re guessing there will be no more transferring of liquids in their home!



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