Meet Martial Arts Mom – Samantha


My name is Samantha Sargent.  I am a Second Degree Black Belt and a proud mother of two children, Nicole 12 and Mateo 10, who both became First Degree Black Belts in October 2013!  Through Taekwondo I met my wonderful Husband, Brian, who also got his black belt in 2013.  He started Taekwondo with his two amazing kids (now my step-children), Shawn 14 and Abby 10, they continue their training and aim to test for their black belts in 2015.  The community I found at the U.S. Taekwondo Center gives me the support every parent needs.  No parent can ever have too many people telling their children all the right things and that is what we get from the Staff and families at the USTC.  Taekwondo has taught all of us more confidence, self-control, respect, and perseverance.  My children love training and working hard for their goals in Taekwondo and in life.  This is an activity we can all do together and we have a blast supporting and teaching each other.  I am physically and mentally strong because of my art, I am currently in my 3rd trimester of pregnancy with a baby boy and plan on continuing my training until I go into labor Mid-June.  Taekwondo will be a part of my life forever and I hope to pass this healthy lifestyle of respectful living, positive reinforcement, and fun to not only my friends and family but to as many people as possible.