Meet Martial Arts Mom – Natalie


Not only I am the wife of a black belt, and the mother of two black belts, but I am also a taekwondo student. After they began training, my husband and sons kept asking me when I would start my training. I finally gave in and started training in May of 2010. Through taekwondo I have been able to quit smoking, get in better shape and spend time with my family.

I have had a few delays/breaks in my journey, but nothing that has kept me from stopping. In July 2012 I tore my meniscus and ACL. I had to postpone my training for four months to recover from surgery. Then a year later, I found out I was expecting. I have continued to train through out my pregnancy, and my goal is to continue training right up to my due date.

For me, taekwondo has meant more than just learning kicks and punches. Taekwondo has been a great way for my family to grow closer together, spending time doing something we all enjoy. I am looking forward to a little over four years from now when our newest addition can join the family in our Taekwondo journey!


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